PJ Green Agricultural Engineering

Head Office
1 Dendle Street, Grovedale

Victoria 3216, Australia


Main Phone:  +61 3 5243 7477


Email:  sales@pjgreen.com.au

Harry Green
+61 428 437 477


Luke Green
+61 405 459 595


“We purchased the Boxthorn Puller to clean up a lot of our Boxthorns; we seem to have major Boxthorn problem on our farm, and so far we are very pleased with the ease of operation, and how good it pulls the Boxthorns out.  The main feature we like is that once you pull the Boxthorn out, you can then take it over and put it in a heap or something, and you can burn them, whereas with a blade or something you’ve gotta shift it in other ways, so it works really well!”

David Price, Arno Bay

Eyre Penninsula, South Australia

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